100 Trees Action Plan


Create your own forest with the 100 Trees Action Plan!

With your donation of 100 euros, we plant 100 trees, which during the first 6 years will allow 66 people to breathe and will mitigate 2,497 kg. of CO2 every day.

But there is more; your gesture will multiply exponentially, and after 10 years, we will reach almost 8,000 people breathe pure air and mitigate more than 300,000 kg. of CO2 daily.


With your donation we send you a certificate to declare it in your Income next year, so if you donate € 100 your tax deduction will be 75% and the Treasury will return € 75, Having made an expenditure of only € 25!

And to leave your mark on the planet, we will put your name to the forest you have helped create.

What are you waiting for?