Annual Plan “0 EMISSIONS”


Turn the consumption of your home and car into Zero Emissions!

With your donation of 15 euros, we planted 15 trees that mitigate the CO2 normally consumed in any dwelling + 2 cars during 1 year.

We will send you your sticker “I mitigate my CO2” corresponding to the current year, so that you can look in your car or wherever else you want.


With your donation we send you a certificate to declare it in your next year’s income, so if you donate € 15 your tax deduction will be 75% and the Treasury will return €11.25, having made an expenditure of only €3 ,75!

What are you waiting for!

Zero Emissions in your company

Turn your company’s CO2 consumption into Zero Emissions!

Make your company mitigate the CO2 it generates and join the Global Warming fight.

With your donation we send you a certificate for you to declare in your income next year.

Contact us to request a plan according to your consumption: [email protected]

What are you waiting for!

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Plant a tree


The planet needs your help to fight the devastation caused by climate change. With only 1 € plant a tree that will mitigate 5 tons of C02 in its 25 years of life. The first five years of the tree are the most decisive, from the fifth, its survival is almost autonomous. Not only is it a positive environmental impact, but it also provides new resources that promote local handicrafts in less disadvantaged places.

Your donation will start the butterfly chain, your euro will have ecological and social value on the other side of the world.