The Foundation BIOPLANET

Fight against poverty

We have powerful tools to generate wealth in impoverished and marginal areas, rural areas where their inhabitants have little availability of work.

What are you going to do with CO2?

The World is in our hands. Now is the time to act. Help us to help, become a Volunteer.

Sustainability of the planet

Global Reforestation of the planet carried out in accordance with the Sustainable Development Objectives and Mechanisms for Clean Development (MCD).
Involved in the ecological and social balance of the planet.

By participating in our project, together we plant trees that will help combat the problem of global warming. At the same time, it promotes progress and growth in marginal areas.

“With a small decision, every day we can contribute to improving the world.”

The aim of the intervention is not only environmental, we act in a broader dimension that encompasses a general and social interest. That decision to collaborate, in the form of a tree, will have a reach that will transcend borders and help people to the other side of the world.

We encourage you to continue making decisions, to take into account the damage we cause and that it is time to reverse it incorporating social and environmental criteria.

The Bioplanet Paris 2015 Foundation demonstrates that by properly using economic resources, we can foster a positive social transformation. Economic interest is not at odds with social and environmental responsibility. We want to guarantee quality and sustainability to live a dignified present and not compromise the future of the next generations.

“Maximum transparency, we demonstrate in what is used your decision.”

Why save the world?

Join the butterfly effect, whether you are a company or an anonymous person, with just one click you can change the destiny of the planet.
A single person can change the world, the chain occurs alone.
  • Compensate your consumption

    We produce CO2 without control, but when have we done anything to offset our emissions? Compensate the planet!
  • Aware company

    Socially and ecologically conscious companies attract more customers, more and more people take power and choose companies that respect the environment.
  • Benefits on your taxes

    For individuals / self-employed / SMEs, all are advantages. Donations of up to 150 € can be taxed 75% of the IRPF, your fight is intelligent for the planet and your pocket.
  • Eco-label

    With your donation, the Foundation provides an ecological seal endorsed that demonstrates the fight against climate change and its contribution to the planet.
  • New generations

    Thousands of environmental projects are developed by new minds and we have to support them. The youth assumes its role in the fight, fight with them.
  • Offer a future

    Less significant changes (climate change, pole defrosting) are occurring, but if we do not slow it down, worse times will come. Give our descendants a green planet.


10€ equals 10 trees and 7.50€ off tax on the IRPF, so each tree costs only 0.25€.

With 150€ 150 tons of CO2 are mitigated, every five years and you lose 112.50€ in the Declaration of Income so you only spend 37.50€.

Pope Francisco Catholic Church

"The Earth, our house, seems to become more and more an immense reservoir of filth. Measures are often taken only when there are irreversible effects on people's health."

Mahatma Gandhi Activist and Lawyer

"Tomorrow, perhaps, we have to sit in front of our children and tell them that we were defeated. But we will not be able to look them in the eyes and tell them that they live like this because we do not dare to fight."

Beltrot Brecht German poet and playwright

"There are men that fight one day and are good. There are men who fight a year and are better. There are men who fight many years and are very good. But there are those who fight all their lives, those are the essential."

Martin Luther King Pastor and activist

"I have a dream, a single dream, to keep dreaming. To dream of freedom, to dream of justice, to dream of equality and I wish I had no need to dream of it anymore."

Maravillas del Campo In memory of my dear mother

"If what I say resonates in you, it is simply because we are both children of the same earth and root of the same tree."

Martin Luther King Pastor and activist

"If I knew the world was over tomorrow, I'd still plant a tree today."

Cantinflas Actor

"A lot of mockery of people whose job it is to collect garbage, I think that people who collect garbage is better than the one who throws it."

Robert F. Kennedy Former U.S. Attorney General

"Only those who dare to have great failures end up achieving great successes ."

Malala Yousafzai Activist

"We must tell our young people that their voices are important."

Anne Frank Girl Diary of Anne Frank

" I do not see the misery that there is but the beauty that remains."

Eleanor Roosevelt Wife of President Roosevelt

"Always remember that your own resolution of success is more important than anything else."

Abraham Lincoln Political

"The probability of losing in the fight should not deter us from supporting a cause that we believe is fair."

Walt Disney Producer and Director

"All your dreams can be realized if you have the courage to pursue them."

Albert Einstein Physical

"There are two infinite things: the Universe and human stupidity. Of the first, I'm not completely sure."

Eleanor Roosevelt Wife of President Roosevelt

"We gain strength, courage and trust for every experience we really stop to look at the fear of the face. We should do what we think we can't."

Aristotle Philosopher

"The ignorant affirms, the wise doubt and reflects."

Plato Philosopher

"A man who does not risk anything for his ideas, or not worth anything his ideas, or is worth nothing the man."

Marie Curie Scientific

"You never see what's been done, but you see what's left to do"

Abraham Lincoln Political

"Do not fear failure, which will not make you weaker, but stronger."

Margaret Mead Anthropologist and poet

"We don't have a society if we destroy the environment"

Eleanor Roosevelt Wife of President Roosevelt

"It's smarter to have hope than not to have it, try to do things you don't try.."

Marie Curie Científica

"The idea that we always see the possibilities and potentialities of the situations we live in, and not so much what we have to experience."

Margaret Mead Anthropologist and poet

"We do not live isolated from the rest of the planet, this is an extension of our existence."

Paris 2015 COP21

The first universal agreement to combat climate change, held in Paris in December 2015.
  • Objective

    Keep the average global temperature "well below" two degrees Celsius with respect to pre-industrial levels
  • Reduction of emissions

    187 countries that are part of the Climate Change Convention (UN) already have national commitments in this fight
  • Review

    Countries will review their commitments on a five-yearly basis, with the idea of increasing ambition over time
  • Entry into force

    The new agreement will enter into force when at least 55 parties, totaling 55% of global emissions, have ratified it

The Pedersen Glacier (Alaska), melted